Jeff Kot’s Note to Fans

Racing illegally at night where street racers gathered, turned out to be a costly lesson. After a few situations with the law and losing my drivers license not once but twice for racing on public streets, I learned it wasn't the place for competition. In 1998, I started stock car racing in legally sanctioned events. We received a nice welcome into the sport by getting turned into the wall hard in my first qualifying race by the track champion. The feature race was later that night, the car had a lot of damage but we worked hard to get it ready. I finished 11th and beat the track champion. Our very small team caught on fast and soon it became my biggest interest. I spent every dollar I had or made to go faster.

Driving hundreds of miles to race after race up and down the east coast and working just about every night to go faster, plus working a full time job was getting tough. I met up with Ronnie Williams who I had a good feeling about the first time I met him. I knew I needed help and he was definitely my ticket to speed.

Soon I was running faster and the races weren't taking so much out of me. We worked non-stop and it showed. I have experienced a lot in racing - we won some exciting races, sat on the pole many times and earned track records along the way.

Stepping up to the Hooters Pro Cup Series with drivers I watched on TV for years has been surreal. Passing some of the drivers you grew up admiring still has me in disbelief. Recently I added a completely new form of racing, open wheel, to my resume. I turned my first laps in the open wheel car at the famed Atlantic City Gambler's Classic, almost winning my first qualifying race. Competing with stars from a wide range of racing series including NASCAR drivers, makes this event a big attraction.

2016 will see Kot driving in the open wheel and ARCA Racing Series. Become a new member and join the fans already registered! Registration has included fans from Australia, France, Italy, South America, China, Spain, Canada, England as well as most of the United States.

Television and race schedules will be posted as soon as they are released. Thank you for the fan email, please allow up to 4 weeks to receive special requests. Feel free to submit an appearance request, my agent will make final decisions and will contact your company for complete details.

Thank you for the on track support in 2015. Hope to see you at the track in '16!